Possums, while native and protected in Australia, can become troublesome when they take up residence in your roof or garden. Jim’s Pest Control Warwick provides professional possum removal services, adhering to strict regulations for the humane capture and relocation of these creatures.

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Possum RemovalWhy Use Jim’s For Possum Removal In Warwick?

Our technicians are trained in safe, effective methods to encourage possums to vacate your property, using non-harmful techniques and ensuring they find a new home away from yours.

We also offer advice and solutions for possum-proofing your property to prevent future visits. Our team understands the importance of balancing the protection of wildlife with the need to keep your home safe and possum-free.

Possum Control Warwick

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Possum FAQs

Is it legal to remove possums from my property?

Yes, but it must be done humanely and in accordance with state regulations. Our technicians are trained and licensed to handle possum removal legally and ethically.

How do you remove possums?

We use humane traps and techniques to capture possums without harm. After capture, possums are relocated to a suitable habitat in compliance with local wildlife regulations.

Can possums cause damage to my property?

Yes, possums can damage roofing, insulation, and gardens. They can also leave droppings and create noise at night.

How can I prevent possums from returning?

Securing access points, such as roof vents and eaves, and removing food sources can help deter possums from returning to your property.

What should I do if I find a possum in my house?

Avoid attempting to handle the possum yourself. Contact us for professional assistance to ensure safe and humane removal.

Do you offer a warranty on possum removal services?

We provide advice on possum-proofing your property and take measures to prevent return visits, offering peace of mind and long-term solutions.